You are buying a BRAND NEW Heli-Max MX400 3D EP ARF Helicopter


Thrilling 3-D performance - Requires Electronics, Not Included.

The MX-400 also know as the ARK X-400 is the original successor to Lichann's T-Rex. A most popular choice for the novice and advanced pilot. The MX400 / X400 (M/X-400) is truely the best value and performer in its class. Futhermore, the M/X-400 enabled by it's affordable up keep and inexpensive components is the lowest maintenance cost helicopter in its class.

The M/X400 proves that you don't have to invest in a big, glow-powered heli to get all the benefits of one! High-end upgrades such as collective pitch, a belt-driven tail rotor, aluminum frame and tail boom and full ball bearings are all here — in a compact, electric-powered model that's also 100% preassembled! Simply add your electrical system and your off to send your heli into the blue yonder. That means you can enjoy a full-function, 3D-capable machine in just a fraction of the building time, effort and expense!

  • 100% preassembled!
  • Aluminum frame and tail boom!
  • Collective pitch!
  • Full ball bearings!

The lightweight composite main rotor head is supported by a solid main shaft, and features a mechanical CCPM control system. The control arms are equipped with ball bearings.

Precise tail pitch is provided by a direct servo linkage. The ball bearing-equipped gearbox is made of lightweight composites, and the belt drive system is strong, efficient and quiet.

The aluminum frame provides rigidity without excess weight, and is designed for brushless motors. Autorotation-equipped, with a driven tail for total control.

Sub-micro servos work best with this model. The direct linkage layout allows for strong, precise control.

Servos not included.

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Stock Number: HMXE0200
25 in (630 mm)
Height: 9 in (225 mm)
Main Rotor: 23 in (588 mm)
Tail Rotor: 5.5 in (140 mm)
Weight: 11.3 oz (320 g)
Flying Weight: 20.5-23 oz (580-650 g)
Gear Drive Ratio: 1:9.85:5
Requires: 6-channel heli radio w/4 micro servos, gyro, 11.1V LiPo battery, brushless motor and ESC


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Your Brand New Heli Will have the Blue Decal (shown above) Scheme with The Gold Tail Boom (shown below).



Each heli is individual assembled. The M/X-400 is not a product of an assembly line or sweet shop. It is a product of Planecourage with many patient hours being put into each assembly ensuring precision meets every component.

From the canopy to the tail casing each part is weighted and measured, tested and inspected to exactly 0.001 of an inch. With the precision tools used, each heli build meets a procces of professionalism that keeps to high tolerances. 

With no middle man, presented to you direct, is the M/X-400 RC Heli that personifies the care and commitment that has been put into each model sold. Brought to you proudly in the USA by Planecourage. Shipping worldwide.


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  • Purchase at the price equal to the unassembled kit. Good Luck!

All items are 100% brand-new, and not refurbished in any way. The M/X-400 heli is "Made In The USA" allowing for the purpose of testing, inspecting, assembly, photographing, adding additional upgrades, padding/packaging/instruction supplements, and ensuring the completeness of the item.

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Interceptor M/X-400 RC Helicopter